The Collaborative Specialization in

Public Health Policy


Name and Contact Information Expertise
Joanna Cohen Joanna Cohen, PhD
Principal Investigator
Public health policy, tobacco control policy, public health ethics, population surveys, policy evaluation, political ideology, tobacco industry, epidemiology
Robert Schwartz Robert Schwartz, PhD
Principal Investigator
Public health policy, public policy, public administration, accountability, evaluation and monitoring, policy change
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Adalsteinn Brown

Yvonne Bombard, PhD
416-864-6060 ext. 77378

Genomics health services and policy research, health outcomes and impact of new genetic tests, patient & public engagement, health technology assessment, mixed methods, personalized medicine.
Adalsteinn Brown

Adalsteinn Brown (Steini), PhD
Public health policy making in government and non-government settings
Monica Campbell

Monica Campbell, PhD

Evidence-informed public policies, Tools to support policy development such as HIA, Social and environmental determinants of health

Ray Copes

Ray Copes, MD

Development of policies, strategies and services in environmental and occupational health
Raisa Deber Raisa Deber, PhD
Health policy, document analysis, health services research, health economics, decision making, technology assessment, survey methods, policy analysis, public-private mix, health human resources
Erica Di Ruggiero: Erica Di Ruggiero, PhD
Population health interventions (policies, programs), their health and health equity impacts, global agenda setting in policy, population health intervention and implementation research, qualitative research and mixed methods research, knowledge utilization and exchange strategies to influence public health decision-making at national and global levels
Roberta Ferrence Roberta Ferrence, PhD
416.535.8501 x4482
Tobacco policy, tobacco epidemiology, second hand smoke, population surveys
John Garcia John Garcia, PhD
519.888.4567 x35516
Chronic disease prevention, tobacco control, health policy, health behaviour, multiple risk factor, health promotion, community organization
Michael Goodstadt Michael Goodstadt, PhD
Best practices, health promotion, public health, disease prevention, addictions, evaluation
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Bartholomew Harvey Bartholomew Harvey, MD, PhD
Epidemiology, cancer screening, chronic diseases, public health practice, public health human resources, survey methods, recall bias, education research
Suzanne Jackson Suzanne Jackson, PhD
Health promotion, healthy public policy, evaluation, community-based research, qualitative research, participatory research
Arif Jetha Arif Jetha
Examining life course differences in the labour market participation of people living with chronic episodic conditions, identifying workplace accommodations, policies and programs that prevent work disability, application of systems thinking perspectives to conceptualizing the role of organizations in the return-to-work process, survey methodology; mixed-methods research, strategies for the analysis of public health policy
Prabhat Jha Prabhat Jha, MD, DPhil
Global health, HIV/AIDS, tobacco, epidemiology
Ian Johnson Ian Johnson, MD
Epidemiology, education of health professionals, public health, preventive medicine, health promotion, community health status assessment
Paula Kaufman Pamela Kaufman, PhD
Environmental design and behaviour, tobacco control, qualitative research, observation methods
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Mary L'Abbe

Mary L’Abbe, PhD
Food and nutrition policy, assessing and modelling nutrition policies and population intakes using national food consumption survey data
Trudo Lemmens Trudo Lemmens, PhD
Health law, bioethics, research regulation and research ethics, public health law
Heather Manson

Heather Manson, MD
Policy interventions to address risk factors for chronic disease, health equity
Gregory P. Marchildon Gregory P. Marchildon
416 978-2067
Health policy, Health systems, Health financing, Policy history and Federalism and health
David McKeown

David, McKeown, MD
Public health services and organizations, environmental health policy, food policy, health inequalities and social determinants of health, HIV/AIDS policy
John McLaughlin John McLaughlin, PhD
Cancer epidemiology, prevention & screening, population health, molecular & genetic epi, environmental risk factor, surveillance systems, genetic risk, gene-environment interaction
Fiona Miller Fiona Miller, PhD
Health policy, health technology policy, public health ethics, newborn screening
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Kate Mulligan

Kate Mulligan, PhD

Urban governance and the political ecology of health: Healthy public policy, applied municipal public health, global urban infrastructure, climate change, food, vectorborne diseases

Cameron Mustard Cameron Mustard, ScD
Epidemiology, population health, occupational health
Blake Poland Blake Poland, PhD
Health promotion, community development, qualitative methods, social theory, hospital-community collaboration
Carlos Quiñonez, DMD, PhD

Carlos Quiñonez, DMD, PhD
416-979-4908 X 4491

Dental care, public policy, health equity, access to care, social sciences and health, history of healthcare
Juergen Rehm Jurgen Rehm, PhD
416.535.8501 ext. 6907
Alcohol and drug epidemiology, alcohol policy, economic evaluation, treatment evaluation
Fran Scott Fran Scott, MD
905.525.9140 x 22180
Community medicine specialist, local public health practice in planning and policy, public health education
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Terrence Sullivan Terrence Sullivan, PhD
Public health policy, cooperative performance
Valerie Tarasuk Valerie Tarasuk,  PhD
Dietary assessment, food policy, food insecurity, poverty, community-based research
Gregory Taylor Gregory Taylor, MD
Public health, community medicine
Ross Upshur Ross Upshur, MD
Concept of evidence in health care, medical epistemology, clinical reasoning, public health ethics, ethics and health information, empirical approaches in bioethics, primary care research methods
Xiaolin Wei Xiaolin Wei
416 978 2020 
Expertise: Global Health, Primary Care, Tuberculosis, Antibiotics Resistance, Diabetes/ Hypertension, Policy evaluation; Complex interventions; Implementation science frameworks; Randomised controlled trials

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